Are you still struggling with what handle to buy? Handleless designs are in fashion

     The popularity of minimalist style has led to the craze of handleless cabinet doors. This design can make the cabinet look simple and generous. Today, we will share science with you about the door opening methods and advantages of handleless cabinet doors to help you choose the most suitable design for your home.

     Door opening without handle

     01. Open the door with a bouncer and touch beads

     In this type of cabinet, hardware accessories are installed behind the cabinet door, and the cabinet door is opened or closed by pressing. However, frequent switching of the bouncer will cause loss, so choose a better quality one.

     02, leave a gap

     This way of opening the door generally leaves a gap of about 2cm to ensure that the fingers can be inserted to facilitate the opening of the door.

     03. Embedded handle (slotted)

     The closed groove is designed on the cabinet door, which is rich in design and no need to add other accessories.

     Advantages of handleless use:

     01. High safety to avoid bumps

     For families with children, the handleless design is very friendly, and there is no need to worry about bumping into the protruding handle, which is highly safe.

     02. Choose worry-free and fashionable
When buying furniture or hardware accessories, you have to choose and choose, and avoiding the process of matching handles can save a lot of troubles, and you don't have to worry about improper choices that affect the beauty of the whole house.

     03, The surface is more beautiful and easier to clean

The lines of the handleless cabinet doors are cleaner and neater, and the overall facade is more tidy. It is perfectly combined with the upright custom cabinet body to enhance the overall sense of the space.

     The wide application of the handleless design not only keeps the home space simple and beautiful, but also saves the expense of buying handles. Will your home decoration adopt such a handleless cabinet door design?