Don’t be afraid of a small kitchen, reasonable design is the key!

     Small kitchen space will have many impacts on use and comfort. If the kitchen cannot be transformed through the spatial structure, then the cabinetry design must be used well to realize the large storage function in a small space.

     1. Layout design
     According to the layout of the kitchen, the common cabinetry structures are U-shaped, L-shaped, in-line and double-row. If the kitchen space is limited, the in-line and L-shaped can make full use of the space.

     The L-shaped layout is suitable for a long and narrow small kitchen space, where there is a relatively deep corner space, and a corner pull basket can be designed at the corner. Although there are some restrictions on the storage of items, like some small items, there is no storage pressure at all, and it is very convenient to take.

     The one-shaped type is limited by space. Although its storage rate is not as high as that of L-shaped and U-shaped cabinets, its operating lines are all in a row, so that even a small apartment will not make people feel crowded, except for functions In addition to being complete and easy to operate, the in-line kitchen is also relatively easy to take care of due to its compact layout.

     2. Storage design
     The kitchen space is not large, so the storage design requirements will be higher. Effective storage can maximize the use of space and make it "larger".

     Grid design
     Split grids seem to be troublesome to operate, but in daily use, it is extremely convenient and can also increase the storage rate of the cabinet. Especially for those who pursue high-quality life, a clean and tidy kitchen is definitely necessary.


     Base cabinet drawer
     The base cabinet is designed as a drawer pull basket, which is more convenient than ordinary cabinet partitions. The two-layer design classifies and summarizes different items. Put the commonly used tools in the upper pull basket, and put the infrequent or heavier items in the lower pull basket.

     You can also use the storage compartment to make detailed partitions, and the different items are arranged neatly in categories, and the items are clear at a glance.

     3. Detailed design
     High and low platform design
     It seems that the height difference is only about 10 cm, but it allows users to wash vegetables without bending over and cooking without standing up, thereby improving comfort. Remember that the size should be set according to the user's height.

     Leave blank design
     It is not necessary to install cabinet doors on all cabinets. In the case of small space, proper empty design will not affect the storage rate, but can also weaken the congestion of the space. At the same time, it also has a better ventilation environment.