Minimalist style | Minimalist but not simple!


Minimalist style | Minimalist but not simple!

The fast-paced urban life always makes us have some bad emotions, but the home always gives us the warmest existence, and is the place where we can relax the body and mind. The case homeowner in this issue hopes that his home can reflect Show your own preferences and aesthetics, and love the minimalist style very much. I hope that the whole family can run through my favorite style.

Minimalist and beautiful at first sight

The in-wall top-to-door cabinet not only keeps the entrance area clean and tidy, but also satisfies the owner's storage needs. The scattered and unique cabinets give the space a sense of fluidity and will not appear depressed and cramped.

Simple and exquisite storage

In the design of the living room, the minimalist style is strong, the large area of ​​white is simple and generous, and the reasonable storage puts life into an orderly, clean, concise, exquisite, and free interpretation of a different minimalist style.

Small space, big and practical

The one cabinet-to-top design makes full use of the space above. The lower cabinet reserves a place for the washing machine, and washing, hanging, and drying can be done in one step! Give full play to the space utilization capacity.

Orderly pattern

The L-shaped kitchen cabinet uses the corner position to expand more storage space. Adding a small bar in the kitchen can not only enhance the beauty and style of the kitchen, but also enhance the practicality of the kitchen, forming a perfect work for washing, cutting, frying and perfect work. District, the daily operation is very convenient.

Storage is full of style

The sideboard with perfect storage capacity, the transparent glass cabinet and the open integration, map the treasured wine and the warm light, so that the wine is as exquisite and beautiful as a piece of display, super stylish!

Gentle and elegant quiet life

The master bedroom continues the color of the whole house. The soft colors create a comfortable sleeping environment. The multifunctional cabinet makes every inch of space to be used to the extreme, making our home storage more convenient and simple and generous.

The clever use of the walk-in cloakroom position refuses to waste any reasonable use, and the daily changing and makeup can be done at one time to save the tedious back and forth movement.

Create a warm and generous

Simple but not random, everything is just right, the overall clean and neat without losing the sense of exquisite life, the top-mounted wardrobe pattern is clear at a glance, satisfying the practicality of daily storage.

Quiet and far-reaching reasonable layout

Storage cabinets are made from one wall to the top, and the book display and display objects are placed to maximize storage capacity and improve the visual sense. The overall space is more spacious and reasonable layout is more convenient to find and retrieve books.

Dynamic and static multifunctional room

The multifunctional children's tatami room, which takes into account the study, bedroom, and leisure and entertainment area, has the magic of freely switching spaces, showing everything needed for life.