Dongguan Design Week will be held from September 15th to 18th !



     2021 Dongguan International Design Week High-end Custom Design Material Selection Exhibition and the 46th International  Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition,  2021 China (Guangdong) International Furniture Machinery and Materials Exhibition ( Autumn) will be held at Guangdong  Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie , Dongguan from September 15-18 .

     The specific notice is as follows:

     It is reported that the exhibition was originally scheduled for August 18-21, 2021. Due to the impact of the new round of the epidemic, the exhibition had to be postponed in order to fully cooperate with governments at various levels to tighten the deployment of epidemic prevention and control measures.

     Dongguan International Design Week integrates design with the large-scale home furnishing industry, focusing on high-end customization and design material selection, to create a "design + large-scale home furnishing industry" commercial value realization platform, which is also the integration of industrial resources, industrial design docking, design value transformation and design talent gathering Industry empowerment platform.

     This exhibition will give full play to the advantages of international manufacturing cities, and focus on promoting creative industrialization and industrial creativity. Through design-driven, high-end customization and design material selection, we will strive to create a "design + large home" integrated exhibition to promote the transformation and upgrading of the large home furnishing industry.